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Heliosthana 2020

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The virtual Mediterranean nation Heliosthana was launched on 11th May 2010 by WWF and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, at the Spanish EU Presidency conference on the Mediterranean solar plan in Valencia.
The government of Heliosthana has decided to put its country on a path towards more sustainable energy production and use. It has called all interested stakeholders to convene in the ‘Heliosthana 2020 Forum’ in order to develop an Action Plan together. The aim is to increase energy security and independence of Heliosthana while reducing waste of energy and emissions. 
The main objective of the Forum is to devise an action plan in order to achieve a turnaround towards sustainable, efficient and citizen-friendly energy strategy within the next two decades. The process primarily focuses on energy, in particular electricity in the main consumer sectors (residential and industry), yet it also covers the fossil fuels and mobility and urban planning sectors.

Heliosthana is built upon realistic solutions that pave the way towards 100% renewable energy and that are immediately applicable in many Mediterranean countries.

This dossier provides all reports and publications on the Heliosthana 2020 project.

Publication "Safe clean energy future unfolds on virtual Heliosthana"
Heliosthana 2020 Scenario
Invitation to the Heliosthana 2020 Game (Barcelona, 27 June 2011)
Report of Heliosthana 2020 Game (Barcelona, 27 June 2011)
Heliosthana 2020 Action Plan
Event Report Heliosthana 2020 Tea Briefing (29 June 2010)

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